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Large Chandeliers
There are various styles in the large chandelier collection including art glass chandelier, modern chandelier, 
tiered candle style, French empire style, flush mounted style and mosque chandeliers. The size starting from 
one-meter diameter. They are suitable for big areas or high ceilings like lobby, banquet hall, ballroom, meeting 
room, staircase, foyer, large living room etc.
Small Chandeliers
There are two main styles in the small chandelier collection, modern chandeliers and classical crystal chandeliers. 
Most designs in the small modern chandelier collection are replica RH chandeliers, while the classical crystal chandeliers 
are all hot sellers from many countries. These small chandeliers are suitable for home decoration in living room, dining room, 
bedroom, staircase, entrance, as well as wedding decoration.  
Custom Chandeliers
We can offer endless possibilities to customize lighting, such as to change the size, finish, material of our chandeliers, as well as to make a chandelier according to your picture or drawing. Click here to know more about the procedures to customize a chandelier and other details.